CJ Carter








Artist Statement

I am a sculptor, potter, teacher, and life-long learner.  I enjoy the wheel for the process, and sculpting for the emotional outlet.  When sculpting, I tend to create semi-realistic female forms or animals.  I stretch the natural truth of proportions to a curvier ideal of beauty. I enjoy working on a smaller scale, keeping my pieces within two square feet.  In pottery, my aesthetic is rather similar to my sculptures – I prefer rounded, smooth, natural shapes.  When teaching, I enjoy assisting and encouraging new artists to discover clay as a medium.

I am heavily influenced by antiquity artists, the Greco-Roman marble sculptors specifically. I am inspired by the creator’s interpretation of the human form, and in their clear reverence of it (especially in the depictions of gods and goddesses).  The emotional figurative sculpture of the Italian baroque movement of the 1600s is especially compelling to me.  The human body fascinates me, specifically how motion conveys intent as well as expression.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, nature is a huge inspiration to me. I enjoy combining nature and the human body into mythological forms such as dryads, mermaids, or angels. Doing this allows me artistic liberties in my expression while remaining grounded in forms familiar to the viewer.  I am drawn to creating animals as well, for similar reasons. This is also why I really enjoy pit firing as a method of finishing a piece.  It reintroduces nature back into the process in an unpredictable way, resulting in each piece becoming truly unique.



Columbia City Gallery
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Weds-Sun 11 am to 7 pm