Osa Elaiho








My work

I primarily use acrylic and pastels on canvas in my work. My goal is to always capture the emotions and observations around me in a way that questions logic and linear thinking. A lot of my work is also based on my faith and can be a foundation or an expression of prayer. My use of bold and sometimes primary colors is an attempt to capture foundational emotions that are sometimes lost or hidden.

Artistic goals

My goal is to invite the viewer into a deeper conversation about the human experience. Through my art, I would like viewers to better understand a unique yet communal view of self, family, spirituality and community. My ultimate hope for my art is healing a small part of the viewer through their observation and meditation.


Columbia City Gallery
4864 Rainier Ave S | Seattle WA 98118 | 206.760.9843
Weds-Sun 11 am to 7 pm