Christine Lee







  Artist Statement:

I have a desire to layer. Printing layers of colorful translucent ink gives my work depth, complexity and richness. I love the repetitive nature of layering and the subtle changes in the repetitive process work organically to create otherworldly, fragmented landscapes.

The repetition of layering is as important as the composition that evolves on the paper. My process typically begins by cutting a stencil out of tag board (the material from which manila folders are made). I mix my ink and then roll it onto the stencil until it is saturated. I place the inked shape face down on the paper and roll it through the press. And then my favorite part . . . the great reveal: I peel the tag board off, revealing the embedded ink on the paper and the lovely overlaps and interactions that layer has created. Depending on the composition, the relationship between colors, and the balance of shapes, I decide what color/shape/texture to print next and the process repeats. A typical print has been run through the press approximately 36 times.

I have a library of stencils that I use repeatedly in my artwork. I like the challenge of using the same shapes but creating completely different compositions. The stencils often have ink remnants on them from being used previously which can cause this beautiful patina to come through the freshly printed ink.

I have a background in Industrial and Environmental Design, but when I became a mom (almost 7 years ago) I decided that I wanted to pursue my interest in being an artist. I am driven by the artistic process: I find such delight in experiencing this inner struggle to organize and make sense of these elements on the paper, ultimately creating a treasure of complex balance and beauty.



Columbia City Gallery
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