Olivia Zapata



I see art as my passion for translating inner visions to reality. Most of my work is inspired by themes about women and women's spirituality. I see in them a story to tell — to honor their past, affirm their present lives and dream their future. In my paintings, I try to incorporate some of my cultural experiences from my growing up years when I lived in the Philippines. I also like using some symbolism in my work.

I paint with many bright colors, vivid hues of yellows and gold, oranges and reds — in complimentary or contrasting colors. I usually start with a thin glaze of yellow or purple on my canvas before painting. I consider my style to be mostly figurative or representational —sometimes contrasting or complimenting it with some abstraction. My background as a graphic designer and illustrator has influenced my work — using various graphic elements, lines and shapes.

I've also experimented on painting other subjects such as koi and flowers. I paint mostly in watercolor and acrylic, creating work in ways that are both fun and challenging.







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